Resource Giveaway Terms and Conditions

The Office of Connectional Ministries is pleased to offer a collection of donated resources (each a “resource item”, collectively the “giveaway”) at no charge to local churches. The following terms and conditions apply to the giveaway, which may include resource items such as books, workbooks, church/worship supplies, and others.

Giveaway Period

The initial giveaway period will begin at 1:00pm Central Time on Tuesday, October 29, 2019. The Office of Connectional Ministries may designated additional periods as described herein.

Order Limitations

During the initial giveaway period, each individual is limited to one order with a maximum of three resource items. If three resource items are not selected in a single order, additional orders may be placed until the individual has requested and received three resource items. The Office of Connectional Ministries will use data provided in orders including, but not limited to, name, email address, church name, and phone number to monitor the total number of items provided to each individual.  Subsequent orders which would exceed the three resource item limit will be cancelled. Attempts to circumvent these restrictions through multiple email addresses, phone numbers, or other means may result in an individual being barred from placing orders during subsequent giveaway periods in the discretion of the Office of Connectional Ministries.

Order Method

All orders must be placed through the online system designated by the Office of Connectional Ministries. “Walk-in” orders will be allowed on a case by case basis based on the availability of staff in the Office of Connectional Ministries. 

First-Come, First-Served Basis

A limited quantity of each item is available on a strict first-come, first-served basis. While reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the accuracy of the inventory listed in the online ordering system, no guarantee is made about the availability of any given item. In the event that you request an item that is not available, we will contact you so that you may request an alternate item.

Order Pickup

All items must be picked up in person from the Office of Connectional Ministries at the United Methodist Center in Birmingham. You may have another person pick up your order on your behalf, but this must be noted in the Order Notes field at the time of your order. We will not be able to change the pickup person after the order is placed. 

A photo ID will be required to pick up your order.

Orders must be picked up within 14 calendar days. Orders not picked up after that time will be cancelled and the items released.